ASSETs After School Program

ASSETs  is available for students before and after school. Please see the schedule below.

All ASSETs classes are free, and students may drop in as needed.

For more information, contact Jennifer Raye at 961-2880, ext. 3755 

(Monday through Friday, 1:00-5:30 p.m.), or email

How can ASSETs help students improve their grades?


Our after school ASSETs program provides students the opportunity to receive help from their core teachers.  Read the policies below to see how ASSETs can help your student in each of their classes.



The English department supports student success and the ASSETs program.  Students who need to make-up an assignment (work due to an unexcused absence/cut, late work past deadlines, or work not turned in) must attend TWO English ASSETs labs, and show proof of attendance by turning in two signed notes from the ASSETs teachers stapled with their missing work.  In addition, students must make up TESTS within ONE week of their absence.  Other assignments may be made up until the end of each grading period.


Math Classes

In ASSETs after school math tutorial students can:


Science Classes

1)  Students may earn credit on an assignment by going to ASSETs before the assignment due date, getting assistance from the teacher, and having the ASSETs teacher sign their assignment.

2)  Students may make-up part-credit on some past assignments by going to ASSETs a predetermined number of times to make-up work.  Be sure to speak to the student's science teacher to arrange this ahead of time!

3)  Students may use ASSETs to make-up tests that were given on days they were absent.


Social Studies Classes


Students who attend a Social Studies ASSETs lab will receive 10 points in their social studies class for doing one of the following:


a.    Working on a current assignment (one that is not due yet).

b.    Reviewing for an upcoming test/working on a study guide.

c.    Reviewing material with the teacher.

d.    Other teacher approved work/assignments/review.

Physical Education Classes

A student may make-up an "excused" absence from P.E. and earn classwork points by attending an approved Physical Education ASSETs class, with prior arrangements from the student's Physical Education instructor.  Speak to Mr. Kubo or Mrs. Larson for more information.


Career, Technical, Education (CTE) Classes

CTE Policy Regarding ASSETS


1)  CTE teachers will refer students to ASSETs as needed to make up missing projects and written assignments/tests.  Individual teachers will determine the number of days necessary in ASSETs to potentially get full credit.  ASSETs teacher will sign a form verifying attendance and work accomplished.  Form to be returned to CTE teacher by ASSETs teacher (in box).


2)  Participation grades can potentially be made up in ASSETs activity classes as they are available and by teacher discretion.